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Low Light Performance

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Monthly Average Electricity Bill (ESTIMATE)
Grid Use
Fixed Costs
25 Year Total
3% increase
With OffGrid Solar
Monthly Average Electricity Bill (ESTIMATE)
Grid Use
Fixed Costs
25 Year Total

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New York
New Jersey

George's House

The set up with our solar system was painless and easy. With the installation of solar panels and a car charger we have accomplished the goal of going Off Grid and helped eliminate our energy costs from the utility.

Andrew’s House

New York
Off Grid's customer support is top-notch and our representative is always there to assist with any questions or concerns.

Joselyn’s House

The transition to Off Grid's solar solutions has significantly reduced our monthly energy costs and allowed us to live more comfortably in our home.

Brian’s House

The OffGrid team provided excellent training and resources to ensure a smooth onboarding process.
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4 Steps to lower your bill.

Effortlessly reduce energy costs with our advanced solar setup. Enjoy reliable, efficient power while becoming self sustainable.
Energy Offset

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Inspection / Generating Power

We will coordinate and gain approval from local authorities and turn on the system. Completing transition.
Solar Power on
Complete Solution
Once you place your order, our team will gather remote aerial imagery of your property, design a customized system for you, obtain any necessary permits, and arrange for the installation to take place. Talk with an Off Grid representative today.

Sustainable, self-sufficient and empowering.
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